Bass guitar lessons for your child

Bass guitar Lessons For Your Child

It is proven that learning a music instrument can be extremely beneficial for child’s development due to increased concentration, focus and patiency, improved cognitive skills and social abilities as well as boosted self-esteem! A good bass guitar teacher is more than just a tutor for the instrument, they can become your child’s coach as well.

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Qualified and safe lessons for your child

You would like your kid to enjoy the benefits listed before, but you haven’t an idea where your child could get music lessons from a trustworthy tutor?

Here at we understand that sending your child to learn an instrument at a stranger’s company can sometimes raise concerns. Thus we want to assure you, that all of our tutors are high-quality professionals, holding either a music degree or years of relevant experience. In addition, we require that all of our tutors hold the Enhanced DBS certificate. We can promise that your child’s lesson with one of our tutors will be of high quality and safe.

Furthermore, many of our amazing bass guitar teachers are willing to travel to your own home or offer a safe space for rehearsing at their house/studio. The teachers will work together with you to find the perfect time and place for the ultimate learning experience.

We strongly believe, that learning an instrument benefits children in more ways than one, thus we want to provide you with the best possible experience, both for the child and for the parents.

Choosing the most suitable tutor for your child

To find the perfect tutor for your child you can click here and choose an instrument, which you/your child wishes to master, then choose your whereabouts and just click search. You will be presented with a variety of music tutors near you, which you will then be able to sort by their popularity or how small the distance between you is.


You can aslo take a look at bass guitar lessons in some of the bigger cities:

Who Are We?

The office team of MusicTutors are all professional musicians and educators. We also believe that we have the best job in the world. We get to spend our day talking to students across the country about how much they love music and we have helped hundreds of people connect with the perfect, professional tutor for them. We'd love to help you too! Please get in touch with us and tell us your story. 07946125613 Or send us a mail to [email protected]. We can't wait to hear from you!

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