Applicant FAQs


What is

This is not just a website. We are investing in music education by developing a world class online platform to best serve the needs of teachers and students alike.

What services do we provide for teachers?

For you, we provide marketing, lesson management, online music classroom, fee collection and file sharing services. All delivered from a purpose-built online platform.

What can teachers expect from us?

You can expect rapid and quality support when needed and no interference when you don’t. We pride ourselves on responding to feedback quickly and are always looking for new and better ways of doing things.
This is not just a marketing website. We stand for something. 1000+ teachers have joined us already and we share the vision of the teachers we work with; creating a world with more music in it. We are standing by to welcome you.

OK - So how does it work?

With our guidance, you’ll make an outstanding profile page. We invest heavily to make sure it’s the first thing prospective students see when searching online for a teacher. Students send enquiries through your profile. Thereafter, communication, bookings and payments are all managed in one place - your account at

What does it cost?

There’s no upfront cost and you’re in complete control of the price that students pay. You’re paid at the beginning of every month for the lessons you taught the previous month. It’s not uncommon for teachers to grow their student list to be their primary source of income.

How much does earn?

We take a deduction from the price of each lesson which we call the platform fee. These fees vary but can be as low as 10%. Platform fees depend on your membership level. The more hours you teach through, the less you’ll pay in platform fees.

How are teachers paid?

You are paid once a month. You’ll use our booking system to arrange the lessons. We’ll collect the fees for you and add lessons to your invoice. This updates throughout the month based on the lessons taught and you can see it at any time. Your invoice is paid directly into your bank account no later than the 5th day of the following month. For example, teach 10 lessons in January, you’ll be paid in one payment no later than the 5th of February.

Do teachers have to work with you exclusively?

No, you are self employed and as such you can organise your work however you wish. The only requirement is that the students who find you via are taught using our administrative systems for the duration of your relationship. It’s a great feeling for both of us watching your student list grow and what might start as a small part of your work may well grow into something far more significant with time and dedication.

Will be my employer?

No. All teachers using the platform do so on a self-employed basis.

Are teachers required to offer online lessons?

No. We support lessons that take place in-person or online. Students are able to search based on their preference. If you do teach online, we have a purpose-built OnlineClassRoom™ and tech support services should you need them.
We believe online teaching will continue to be an important part of the mix going forward. We will continue to provide you with support and we will keep making new tools to help make online teaching and learning the best possible experience.

Is it possible to apply if a teacher has only limited space for new students?

Yes. Once you’ve created your profile, you are in control of when it is displayed to new students. It’s no problem to hide your profile when you are full and unhide it when you have space.

Do teachers need to follow a curriculum?

No. It is up to you to teach your students as you see fit. We will never interfere in what you see as the best path for your students. We recommend making it very clear on your profile what your students can expect from you and what you expect from your students.

What’s the cancellation policy?


  • Less than 24 hours notice = full fee to the teacher.

  • More than 24 hours notice = a refund or reschedule to the student.

In 2022, we will introduce more cancellation/refund options for teachers to choose from.

What personal information will be published on the website?

Now more than ever it’s so important to be very careful when working online. We will never disclose your personal information. By default, prospective students will only see an abridged version of your name (for example Ella F or Jarvis C) and the first part of your postcode if you are working in-person. You can then choose to amend the name displayed to students as you wish. We’ve also got messaging and file sharing systems for you to use. These systems are designed to protect your information above all else.

Have a question we haven’t answered? Send us an email at [email protected]