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Our service attracts excellent traffic levels within a dedicated musical clientele. We serve pages to over 60,000* unique hosts each month. This makes our website an ideal location to promote your products and services.

Music Schools - TOP SPOT LISTING (£59.99 / year)

If you administrate a music school (i.e. an organisation of more than one teacher), here are two ways we can help you.

1. You open a Music Schools account with us. This costs £49.99 per year and guarantees your school the top spot in your county with an attractive and complete listing that describes you and what you do in full detail including a URL to you own webpage. That means that your school will be highly visible on our service for any search conducted for teachers in your county.

2. You may not use a single free account for your music school but if you still want a non-cost solution, you can register each member of teaching staff in your organisation with a separate account. Our free accounts are for individual human beings, not institutions!

Register your music school here and we will set up your advert for you.

Music Businesses and Related Services

With such high traffic levels we can offer cost effective banner advertising across the site for music-related businesses, with prices start from just £30 per month. Please contact us for more details.

Alternatively, we can give your business the top spot in your area for all searches conducted on our service. This costs £49.99 per year and, as for Music Schools above, provides you with an attractive profile on our service that will be visible to the many thousands of visitors who conduct searches in your county each month.

Fill in your advert details here and we will set up the advert for you.

*Unique host count excludes search engine bots.