Changes to our Cancellation Policy


New Cancellation Policy

automatic cancellation

At we value our tutors’ time and teaching schedule. With that in mind, we are introducing a new 24 hour cancellation policy - any lessons that have not been paid for 24 hours before they start will now be automatically cancelled.

Please note - this only applies to lessons that are paid for individually, not to any lessons that are paid automatically eg through a lesson block or season plan. If you choose to pay automatically you avoid the risk of the lesson being cancelled.

Lessons that have not been paid 24 hours before the start of the lesson will be automatically cancelled.

If you want to pay for lessons individually (‘pay as you go’), it is your responsibility to confirm and pay for each lesson 24 hours before the lesson starts at the absolute latest.

The pay as you go method is less secure for your teacher, who loses out if lessons are not paid for at short notice - they don’t get paid for that lesson, and they will also struggle to fill that space with another student at short notice.

When the tutor books in your lesson, we send you an immediate email with a payment link. This is followed by another email 48 hours before your lesson if it hasn’t yet been paid for. 5 hours before the lesson will be cancelled, a third email will be sent to you.

Automatic Payments

If you want to continue on pay as you go but are worried about lessons being cancelled, you can save your details on our website and your lessons will be paid for automatically. Saving your details gives your tutor permission to book lessons for you which will be paid for immediately. We recommend discussing this with your tutor to see if it will work for you.

4-Step Guide to Automatic Payments (for Students)
  • Log in to your account on
  • Click "My Account" at the top of the page
  • Go to "Payment Card" on the menu to the left
  • Tick the box next to the teacher you want to set automatic payments with: "Allow for teacher to book for me"

  • Lesson Blocks

    Save time and money with our lesson blocks. Buying a block of 10, 15 or 20 lessons gives you a discount on the total price, and lessons created by your tutor will be automatically confirmed. You can also pay for your block in 3 installments interest free!
    Talk to your tutor about the benefits of lesson blocks at your next lesson.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    My lesson with my tutor has been cancelled - what should I do next?
    Your lesson has been cancelled because the payment deadline has passed. Reach out to your teacher/student as soon as possible to discuss rescheduling the lesson. If it’s rescheduled, remember to confirm and pay immediately.
    Please note, all lesson payments are made through and should never be taken privately. This ensures that we can guarantee the security of the transaction and validity of the lessons.

    What happens if the lesson is booked on the day?
    It’s fine for the tutor to book the lesson in on the same day - in this case, it is the tutor’s responsibility to make sure their time is honoured through the student paying for the lesson in advance. We can’t guarantee payment for the tutor if the lesson is not paid for beforehand.

    What if a lesson is booked 25 hours before it’s set to take place?
    Theoretically the student has 1 hour to complete the payment to avoid the cancellation of the lesson. If the payment was not made in time, the lesson can be re-created immediately following cancellation. In this case, however, the cancellation policy is overridden, as described in the previous section.

    Why have we introduced automatic cancellations?
    This policy ensures fair working conditions for our tutors, honouring their time and work schedule. Our tutors spend much of their time preparing for upcoming lessons - a reasonable cancellation policy of 24 hours allows them to use that time to prepare for lessons that will definitely go ahead.
    A lesson can only be cancelled or rescheduled with more than 24 hours notice. This can only be implemented if the lesson has already been confirmed and paid for - we cannot implement the 24 hour cancellation policy if the lesson is booked within 24 hours. This is less secure for you as a tutor in terms of time and money.


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