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100% Pass Rate
Beginners Welcome
10 Years Experience
From £16.20 / 30 min.

Prices shown are including the 20% discount with the Fixed Term Plan.

Replies in 18 h. and 51 min.

About Jordan C.

Jordan believes that the drums are a language of their own, his dissertation ‘The language of drums and how they have been used in conflict, communication and spirituality’ has inspired a continuous exploration of the magic that drums can add to a room or atmosphere and what can be learnt to achieve this.

With 8 years teaching experience, Jordan has been blessed with many opportunities to share his passion for the drums with adults, young people and children. Jordan has thrived since graduating from his music degree in 2016 and has loved being able to throw himself into the role of teacher full-time through one to one and shared lessons, percussion workshops, music well- being groups and performance/ concert opportunities. Jordan has a laid back, patient, and fun approach and believes it is important that students arrive to a comfortable atmosphere and leave inspired to learn and play even more!

Jordan is passionate about helping all students realise their creative dreams and get the most out of their drumming journey across all abilities, ages, and backgrounds. He prides himself on having taught lessons to the disadvantaged, children with SEN, adults who are intellectually disabled and persons with physical disabilities. Jordan sees it as a real honour to be able to see how music can positively impact those who may be struggling for any reason and this has increased his passion for music and for teaching.

As an experienced professional drummer, Jordan has years of experience playing for local big bands, church worship teams, a 7-piece folk band, funk, rock and pop bands, function gigs and various session and recording projects. He has played in a variety of settings including churches, clubs, auditoriums and festivals. Jordan is currently working on a jazz-fusion project with some incredible virtuoso musicians and is enjoying the challenge that it is bringing to his own drumming ability.

Jordan prides himself in getting the best sound out of his drums and enjoys experimenting with different tunings and dampening techniques as well as learning about the various materials and woods that make a drum sound. He also loves to mix samples and use triggers in his drum set up both live and when recording and enjoys the continuous hunt for interesting and rich drum samples to use with Ableton, Logic Pro, and his Roland SPDSX drum pad.

Jordans drum heroes include John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Tony Williams, Steve Gadd, Chad Smith, and Benny Grebb to name a few, he loves to share his passion for learning from the greats and how this helps develop each individuals unique sound.

Drum Lessons
Jordan teaches the drums and other percussive instruments to all ages and abilities, there is always so much to learn whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced player looking for a fellow drummer for some critique and a fresh perspective.

In your lessons with Jordan you can expect to arrive into a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where you will be encouraged to do your best and to persevere through the inevitable mistakes of learning something challenging and new. You can also expect to leave feeling inspired and itching to be creative on your own drums!

Lessons can take the direction that you wish them too as a student, whether that is learning how to play different styles, take graded examinations, learn favourite songs, or how to shred around the kit like Eric Moore, lessons also tend to include:
- Effective exercises
- Rudiments and Hand positioning
- Hands and feet coordination and independence
- Getting the best sound out of the drums (Tuning, dampening and positioning)
- Common Grooves and Styles (Rock, Reggae, Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, Grime etc)
- Reading drum music (note values, time signatures, etc)
- Studying the greats
- Finding your unique sound
- Dynamics and Groove
- Playing for the music
- Charting drums
- The rhythmic alphabet
- The list goes on!

Drum Exams
Jordan teaches with a variety of exam boards/ syllabuses and has his own grade 8’s with both Rock School and Trinity Guildhall as well as Music Theory Grade 5. Exams are a great way to chart progress and challenge yourself to perform in front of an examiner- much like auditioning for a band or gig. Jordan likes to teach the grades alongside his own lesson plans that he has found useful over the years, but is also passionate about taking lessons in whatever direction the student would prefer.

Your First Lesson
In your first lesson with Jordan you can expect to arrive into a relaxing lesson environment. Jordan will take time to get to know each student and learn about their interests, favourite bands/ artists / drummers/ genres as well as their current drumming level. Beginners can expect to learn how to play a basic groove of a genre of their choosing such as an 8th note rock groove, as well as the proper way for the sticks to connect with the drums and how to hold the sticks. Are the sticks bouncing, sticking or buzzing?! Each drummer will have their own natural drumming style as well as their own individual style of learning and Jordan will always aim to work with and not against this. Understanding a students goals are also vital part of the first lesson and will help shape the direction of future lessons as well as be a good measuring stick for the students future progress.

Thank you for taking the time to read the above and if you have any questions at all then please do get in touch, I will aim to get back to you the same day and hopefully we can figure out a suitable time slot for your first lesson at a time that works for you!

I look forward to hearing from you! Keep Drumming!

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100% Pass Rate
Beginners Welcome
10 Years Experience


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