Initial Response Time Explained

  1. How is my average response time calculated?

    The average response time is calculated from when a new student sends their first message, to you sending them their first reply.

    If it is not a student of your preference and you decide to forward them to a colleague, please still notify the student that you have received their message but unfortunately cannot meet their request and that you have forwarded them.

    Occasionally, you might receive a message from an existing student who has forgotten their login details so has messaged you from a new profile. It may seem natural to continue the conversation with the original profile but pls note that leaving a first message without a response will harm your average response time.

    All first messages count - also the ones generated automatically by the system when the student buys a block of lessons, so make sure to reply to those as well.

    The clock will stop once you have sent a message via the inbox.

  2. Where is my average response time displayed?

    Your average response time is displayed to prospective students on your tutor profile. Feedback from students shows that response time is a factor that is taken into consideration when students’ decide which tutors’ to message. We know that having a fast response time increases the number of lessons you’ll teach but it also increases the number of messages you receive.

    You can keep track of your average response time from inside your profile at Your time updates daily and can be found right next to the welcome message on your dashboard.

  3. How do I improve my average response time?

    If considering your average response time is a new addition to your work on the platform, we would first recommend an audit of all the first messages, received during the last three months to check that you have not missed anything. Remember - every first message counts.

    We know that life is pressured and there are so many plates to keep up in the air but the data shows us that it’s important to bear in mind a simple statement of fact: The lower your average response time, the larger your student list, the greater the number of lessons you will teach.

    If you do not do so already, we recommend keeping response time as a focus in your work on the platform over the coming months. It will make a difference.

  4. Why has my average response time gone up?

    As we explained earlier, any first message that comes into your inbox counts towards your average response time. Be it from a completely new student, an existing student (but from a new profile), or a notification of a purchase. If you can see an increase in your average response time, most likely this is caused by a message that has not been responded to. It will also happen if a message, that previously had a positive effect on your average response time, is more than three months old.

    If, following your audit of first messages, you cannot see the reason for an increase in your average response time, please write to us at [email protected] and we will take a look with you.